Zapio Technologies Inc.

AI and IIoT platform to optimize industrial operations.

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The Industrial
Revolution 4.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at an exponential pace and will disrupt most businesses. And, by 2021, 24 million IoT devices will be installed every single day.

How is your organization going to address this disruptive opportunity?

That’s where our solution comes in.

Our platform,
in three steps.

1. Capture

First, we capture relevant data from your operations by connecting to your machines or thru an integrated array of sensors, connectors and gateways.

2. Analyze

Then, we transmit the data to a secure cloud and store it for deep analysis using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.

3. Recommend

Finally, we give you relevant recommendations so you can take actions that directly benefit your organization.

Specialized Hardware

Our platform can either connects to your existing data sources or we can provide a fully integrated suite of secure and highly configurable sensors.


Sophisticated Software

We use advanced AI / machine learning algorithms to generate insights that create true ROI for your organization.


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